11/02/2013 - NEWSLETTER / FEB 2013 / VOL. 8

Interview of our Managing Director
Mr. Stavros Karapanagiotis at ELNAVI Monthly Shipping Review

1. Describe your company’s key-events of 2012 (market share & new services).

2012 was a favorable year for Chemo. We reached our market share growth target. Additionally we added to our product portfolio two new products with regard to ship sanitation: Marine Potable Water Test Kit & Legionella Test Kit.

2. Do you provide tailor made solutions and technical support to your clients? Can you describe a specific example?

Our philosophy is to satisfy completely the needs of our clients.  Thus we not only understand the individual needs of our customers but we are also flexible to provide custom-based solutions if/when required. As an example, we designed a new product for a customer in order to meet his cleaning needs for cleaning cargo holds from a rare and difficult cargo.


3. Have you developed synergies with other international partners in order to expand the global network of your company?

Yes we have.  In fact we are constantly looking for strategic partners to improve and grow our global presence. I would like to underline that during the last few years, we have managed to develop a reliable international network of associates.


4. Describe your company’s line of products in the field of cleaning cargo and ballast tanks.

We specialize in Cargo Tank & Cargo Hold Cleaning. Further, we have developed an innovative Protective Coating HoldBarrier. We believe that the coating technology is the future in the cargo hold sector, when port turnaround time is very limited.  Additionally, we have exceptional Maintenance chemicals and Fuel Additives.


5. How do you face the competition from other players in the sector and what is your competitive advantage?

We try not to focus on what others do but instead we concentrate our efforts on how we can improve and also on our clients’ needs. Thus we are constantly trying new technologies, keeping informed of changes in legislation and the industry and testing our products in realistic environments. Our competitive advantage is our commitment to quality, our team of specialists and our client centered approach.



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