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• Use before petcoke, coal, pencil pitch, coke, cement, ores, minerals, feedstock etc.

• Protects metal and paint against cargo penetration.

• Reduces turnaround times.

• More effective than limewash and much easier to remove.

• Cost effective.

• Simple to apply & use - Safe to use in occupied/covered areas.

• Environmentally friendly, meeting the criteria of MARPOL Annex V.

• Safe for all metal surfaces and metal alloys. No effects on rubber, plastic compounds & on all coatings.

• Non–toxic,  non–oxidizing,  non–corrosive and non–flammable.

• Water based; free from hydrocarbon solvents.

• Two formulations – choose depending on your cargo. Also available Concentrated, for easy shipping and handling.




After discharge of cargoes such as petcoke, coal, pencil pitch, coke, cement, ores, minerals, feedstock, small particles of the cargo have penetrated in the minute pores of the paintwork and, due to electromagnetic forces, are firmly attached. Therefore, the cleaning procedure for a new and sensitive cargo is usually costly and labour intensive, before cargo holds are acceptably cleaned.

HOLD BARRIER is a unique blend of natural ingredients and film stability improvers, that can be easily applied by ships own crew before loading. HOLD BARRIER effectively prevents stains and footprints of cargoes adhering to the surfaces of cargo holds and/or causing corrosion and are difficult to clean. Therefore, cargo holds can be kept “grain clean” with much less effort and cost.

HOLD BARRIER acts as a barrier and release agent between the cargo hold surface and the next cargo. It should be applied on clean surfaces.

HOLD BARRIER has been found to be harmless to normal cargoes, coatings and the environment.

HOLD BARRIER may also be sprayed on superstructure and other areas exposed to dust during loading and unloading operations, paying attention to its slippery nature, while it is still wet.

For extra demanding cargoes, like sulphur, salt etc., an extra resistant formulation of the product is recommended, HOLD BARRIER XR (EXTRA RESISTANCE).

For easy shipping and handling, HOLD BARRIER CONCENTRATE is also available.

Please refer to “CHEMO CARGO HOLD CLEANING SOLUTIONS” Brochure, which summarizes the solutions that CHEMO offers for tackling a variety of contamination and deposit problems.


For detailed instructions and precautions, please refer to the relevant “USAGE INSTRUCTIONS” brochure.

Cargo holds should be washed down and as clean as possible. Cargo holds should be dry before application of HOLD BARRIER.

HOLD BARRIER is supplied at convenient, ready-to-use concentration and is applied directly from the drum.

Use a suitable low-pressure spraying equipment to spray HOLD BARRIER on the cargo hold surfaces. Start application from bottom of cargo hold and work your way upwards. Apply in a sweeping pattern until a section is covered. It is recommended that CARGO HOLD APPLICATION SET is used for this purpose. As soon as the surface appears water wet, a proper film is created. Do not apply more than necessary. HOLD BARRIER can also be brushed or rolled.

Bulkhead should be left to dry before loading of the next cargo starts. Depending on the weather conditions, this could take from 30 min to more than 2 hours.

After discharging, use power wash of fresh or salt water to remove HOLD BARRIER and residual cargo. Nonetheless, to ensure complete removal and avoid re-deposition of contaminants, a cleaning agent is recommended, but at lower dosage rates than what normally is required. Best working alkaline cleaner for removing is CHEMO HOLDBRITE XF, preferably applied with CARGO HOLD APPLICATION SET, before using the power wash.



Using HOLD BARRIER you cover 15 – 20m² per product litre. Film should be completely dry before loading the cargo, which may more than two hours, depending on air temperature and humidity.

Repeat the procedure before next cargo.


Discharge into the sea:

The composition of this material is not harmful to the marine environment, meeting the criteria of MARPOL Annex V. The material may be discharged into the sea when used to clean cargo holds and external surfaces on ships, always taking into account the discharge limitations and the vessel’s area of operation.


Download full description in pdf format.



Product Code: 507001

This product is used for the highlighted part below:

Problems solved:

» Cleaning efficiency of the chemicals
» Removal of cargo stains / footprints
» Metal corrosion
» Consumption of cleaning chemicals
» Costly turnaround times



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