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• Effective cleaning of heavy duty residues from tanks, decks, bulkheads, etc.

• Use after animal, vegetable oils and fats and mineral oils/petroleum products, as well as for inert gas soot removal.

• Heavy duty, water-based cleaner.

• Efficient, multipurpose cleaning.

• Highly concentrated: dilute for most cleaning needs.

• Comprises special detergents, surfactants, builders and corrosion inhibitors.

• Non-flammable.

• Composition conforming to MARPOL Annex V.

• IMO-approved & bio- degradable, minimizing environmental concerns.




HOLDBRITE is a heavy duty water-based alkaline cleaner. It works well in hard, soft, ambient and hot water. Ideal for cleaning animal, vegetable oils and fats and mineral oils/petroleum products,  greases, waxes,  sludge, carbon deposits, dirt and grime. Very effective against inert gas soot.

HOLDBRITE is highly concentrated, comprising special detergents, surfactants, builders and corrosion inhibitors. HOLDBRITE can be quickly dissolved in water for removing lighter grease, oil, pet coke and dirt deposits. Compatible with most coated surfaces and dries leaving a good shine.

HOLDBRITE is water based, non flammable, biodegradable and IMO-approved. Only cleaners registered in Annex10 of IMO’s MEPC.2/Circular can be used and disposed of at sea for cargo tank cleaning, when the cargo residue slops are disposable at sea. Its composition meets the criteria for not being harmful to the marine environment according to MARPOL Annex V.



HOLDBRITE can be used for tanks and refrigeration vessels, as well as soot removal from Inert Gas Systems and general cleaning. HOLDBRITE effectively removes animal, vegetable oils and fats and mineral oils/petroleum products,  greases, waxes,  sludge, carbon deposits, dirt, grime and inert gas soot.

It can also be used for cargo hold cleaning after coal and pet coke. When applied on vertical surfaces, add CHEMO FOAM BOOSTER. This increases the residential time, thus cleaning efficiency.

Suitable for epoxy, but not for zinc silicate coatings. In this case, use our IMO-approved ALKASAFE CLEANER.

Please refer to “CHEMO TANK CLEANING SOLUTIONS” Brochure, which summarizes the solutions that CHEMO offers for tackling a variety of contamination and deposit problems.


Make sure the tanks and lines are well stripped and drained. Do not overheat as this may change the characteristic of the cargo and in some cases burn the cargo to the bulkhead. Carefully read the cargo specification.

Precleaning tanks with high pressure warm water is highly recommended since large deposits of oil or other residues in the tank must be removed to ensure an effective cleaning operation. In the case of drying or semi-drying oils (vegetable, animals and fats), prewash with cold water as soon as possible after completion of discharging to prevent formation of hard tenacious residues.


A. Cargo Tank Cleaning

If surface is heavily contaminated, higher concentrations of the product in water can be used, than those mentioned below.

Direct injection with tank washing machines: The dosage rate is 1-20 litres per ton wash water (0.1-2.0%).

Recirculation: Use a rate of 1-30 litres per ton wash water (0.1-3.0%). A recommended procedure is:
1. Flush tanks with ambient seawater to remove remaining cargo to slop. (As per MARPOL 78/73).
2. Recycle tanks with increasing temperature for 2-8 hr, depending cargo and size of tank. This is a very important operation, as it will remove oily-mud and residues in the coating/steel.
3. Re-circulate the mixture of the chemical in fresh water for 2-8 hr. Increased temperatures will improve the cleaning result. Maximum effect from chemical at 65ºC. Do not overheat, as this may burn the cargo.
4. Flush tanks with large amount of warm seawater (2-3 hr) to remove any residues of Chemicals. Depending on the cargo, this step may have to be skipped.
5. Flush tanks with freshwater to remove salts, mop and dry.

Spot cleaning: Apply by hand spraying neat or prepare a 20% solution, and allow solution to penetrate soil for about 30 minutes before rinsing off with water.

Always wash off before chemicals dry on the surface.


B. Removal of Soot from Inert Gas Systems (IGS)

Dilute from 5 to 20% of HOLDBRITE in fresh water. Spray the solution onto the surface, using high pressure cleaning equipment. When used with a hand sprayer, apply 1 litre of neat HOLDBRITE per 12 m². Allow the product to act and then rinse off with fresh water before drying. Allow solution to penetrate soil for about 30 minutes and then wash off thoroughly with high pressure fresh water, heated up to 80°C. Always wash off before chemicals dry on the surface. Repeat the procedure, if contamination persists.


C. General Cleaning

For general use, dilute HOLDBRITE appropriately, depending on the contamination, and use conventional cleaning methods, such as brushing, scrubbing or hand spraying.


Instructions are based on experience and are meant only as a guide since circumstances for each tank cleaning operation vary. They are not intended to interfere with the judgment of the vessel’s responsible personnel.



Safe to use on all metal surfaces and parts except aluminium, zinc, tin and its alloys. It is highly recommended to always test all cleaner solutions on a small area of tank coating, before full scale application.



Download full description in pdf format.


Product Code: 501201

This product is used for the highlighted part below:

Problems solved:

» Vegetable and animal oils
» Hydrocarbon gas-freeing
» Oil and Organic Deposits
» Baked on oils
» Pet coke and mineral deposits
» Carbon deposits
» Fish oil



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